Demonstration Energy Innovation (DEI) grant scheme

The DEI scheme focuses on the demonstration of energy innovations, which make it easier for Dutch businesses to be able to achieve international success with the products, processes, or services they have developed. That is the objective of this scheme which has arisen from the Energy Agreement.

The demonstration projects must include technologies that have potential for strengthening the Dutch economy in terms of turnover, employment, and export by Dutch manufacturers, technical service providers, or suppliers. This enables the projects to contribute to economic (and green) growth in the Netherlands.

NB. Projects that involve biofuels which fall under the blending obligation, so also bio-LNG projects, and projects that involve production machinery for energy-saving or sustainable energy products, are not considered for grants in the DEI scheme.

The DEI scheme has two rounds of grants per year, with one deadline in April and one in October. For more information about applying for a grant in the DEI scheme, please see the DEI website.