About the TKI Wind op Zee

TKI Wind op Zee Zee (Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind) stimulates, connects and supports Dutch organisations and knowledge institutes with the development and deployment of innovations to help speed up the transition to sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system, focussing on offshore wind.

The TKI Wind op Zee is striving to achieve this through:

  • The organisation of network events and activities focussed on the theme offshore wind, cost reduction, collaboration at the North Sea and disseminating knowledge.
  • An R&D-programme in which companies collaborate with knowledge institutes.
  • Stimulate the creation of the Public Private Partnerships (PPP).
  • Knowledge dossiers: activities related to the Human Capital Agenda, socially responsible innovation, international collaboration, export promotion and research on technical and market developments.
  • Test and demonstration: offshore demonstration facilities for testing and proving (Dutch innovations), among which the Innovation Site.

Our Mission

"Offshore Wind (Wind op Zee) is critical to a successful energy transition in the Netherlands. To this end TKI Wind Op Zee facilitates research, development, demonstration, valorisation, knowledge transfer, (international) collaboration, education and market development with the goals of speeding up the cost reduction and economic impact related to offshore wind. Offshore wind energy can account for up to 50% of the electricity supply by 2030, even in case of rapidly-increasing electricity demand.

Our Vision

“Offshore wind, as a large-scale energy source, is an important and critical contributor to a sustainable future through the energy transition. The Dutch offshore wind sector is an international leader and contributes substantially to the cost reduction and to the Dutch economy through innovations." TKI Wind op Zee’s vision is visualized in an inspiring manner in 'An Energetic Odyssee’ (of IABR 2016).

The team

The organisation of the TKI Wind op Zee consists of a board, an independent programme committee and a team.

The TKI Wind op Zee Team consists of:

Bob Meijer Director TKI Wind op Zee
Bram van der Wees Program Manager
Floris Blonk Innovation & Community Manager
Tom Assendelft Process Coordinator PPP Allowance and Communicatiions
Liesbeth Batelaan Office Manager
Arjan Hofmann Communications Manager


The TKI Wind op Zee board members are:

Peter Terium Chairman
Hans Timmers Treasurer
Gerrit van Werven Secretary
Harm Jeeninga  
Jan van der Tempel  
Marcel van Bergen  
Roel Schuring