Financing Desk

The Financing Desk of Energy Innovation NL is a joint initiative of TKI Energy & Industry, TKI New Gas, TKI Urban Energy, TKI Wind op Zee and program System integration within the Energy Innovation NL. Our aim is to help SME entrepreneurs to bring their innovations to the market by providing support and assistance with financing needs.

Finding funding is seen by entrepreneurs, active within Energy Innovation NL, as the main challenge in the development of their innovation. This challenge mainly involves bridging the "Valley of death", the phase in which the development costs still precede the benefits. Many companies fail in this valorization phase. Grants are usually instrumental in bridging this phase, as well as equity financing. Most subsidy regulations stipulate that co-financing (contribution of equity) is conditional. To prevent innovation from being stranded prematurely and/or valuable time being lost, the Financing Desk offers help to these SMEs who are struggling with a financing issue.

The activities of the Financing Desk:

  • 1-on-1 consultation (the desk): Sparring about financing options and connecting with investors


Would you like to get more information about the Financing Desk? Please get in touch with Martin Weissmann or call him at +31 (0)30-747 0027.