1-on-1 consultation

The Financing Desk of Energy Innovation NL can help you as an SME entrepreneur with issues regarding financing innovation. Do you find funding for your innovation a challenging and lengthy process, and is it not typically something you do every day?

The Financing Desk can give you insights into what the investment landscape looks like or what’s of investors’ interest when they assess your investment offer. Therefore, you can benefit from a financing expert as a sparring partner.

Are you looking for help to find out:

  • What type of investment or investor suits your company?
  • Whether you are “investor ready” for the next innovation phase?
  • Which investors to contact?

If so, make an appointment with our financial advisor for a 1-on-1 consultation (free of charge) at the Financing Desk.

Financing options

There are often various considerations to be made when choosing the right financing option(s). For example, think of what is the minimum amount required. The first step is to determine the absolute minimum project scope for your innovation phase. In a second step, the focus should be on the question to what extent is your supplier or potential end customer willing to be flexible with payment conditions and/or payments for pre-commercial tests.

The next step is to look at external options. Financing can consist of:

  • the issue of shares,
  • taking out a loan
  • and/or apply for a subsidy (which is basically a conditional gift).

There are advantages and disadvantages to all forms of financing, and not every form is suitable for everyone. The Financing Desk helps to get a clear picture of the possibilities and impossibilities for a targeted search for financing.

Request a free 1-on-1 consultation

Please, make an appointment with Martin Weissmann of the Financing Desk to discuss the above issues, and he can possibly bring you into contact with financing organizations or investors.

The appointment takes place at the Financing Desk (in Utrecht) or can be held by telephone. There are no costs associated with the 1-to-1 appointment. The Financing Desk can think along with you (1st line advice) but will not play an active role within your company.


Would you like to get more information about the Financing Desk? Please get in touch with Martin Weissmann or call him at +31 (0)30-747 0027.