Innovation Brokers

Beware! We have received many applications for the innovation brokers' scheme. This means that the TKI New Gas and TKI Urban Energy budget has been completely exhausted. There is still TKI Energy & Industry and TKI Wind at Sea budget available.

The new round for the innovation broker subsidy of the Top Sector Energy will open on 15 June, 2022. SMEs that contribute to the transition to an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system can apply for a subsidy for hiring an innovation broker. The fee of the Innovation Broker can be reimbursed for 80%, to a maximum of 10,000 euros incl. VAT.

Startup and scale-up entrepreneurs are often leaders in innovation. However, they regularly face many challenges, especially if they are less familiar with the market, have no previous entrepreneurial experience or because they have limited financial resources. For SME entrepreneurs, an 'innovation broker' can offer you:

  • guidance and coaching in developing a business plan, business strategy and value proposition,
  • patent advice, assistance with patent applications or knowledge exploitation,
  • guidance in becoming 'investor ready', looking for financing and deal closing,
  • support to find and set up consortia and project formation with other companies and/or knowledge institutions.



Are you a start-up or an SME entrepreneur, and do you need support from an innovation broker? Please ask Topsector Energie for a financial contribution for this support. You are eligible for a financial contribution if:

  • you are an SME with the head office based in The Netherlands.
  • your product or service is innovative and contributes to an accelerated transition to a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system.
  • you have not previously received more than twice a subsidy for hiring an innovation broker.
  • the innovation must be an innovation for the market on which the themes (program lines) of the relevant TKIs focus (TKI Urban Energy, TKI Wind op Zee, TKI New Gas, TKI Energy & Industry). The innovation may also be an existing technology that is already applied in another sector but is innovative for the markets of the Top Sector Energy. The subsidy application cannot concern an application (for example a project) of an innovation without the applicant having the ambition to bring the technological innovation to the market himself (at its own expense and risk) and scale it to broad market adoption, which is a fundamental part of the business strategy.
  • you meet the conditions in the form “Toelichting aanvraagformulier innovatiemakelaars” (Explanation application form innovation brokers).

If you meet these conditions to make use of this subsidy scheme, which will run from 15 June, 2022 to 15 May, 2023(1), the costs of supporting an innovation broker can be financed up to 80%. This compensation can amount up to a maximum of € 10,000 subsidy (including VAT) per company. As an SME you will need to contribute the remaining 20% yourself (example: total project costs are € 12.500,-, maximum subsidy would be € 10.000, and € 2.500,- own contribution – all numbers including VAT)

The total budget for the subsidy scheme is € 100,000 and allocation will take place via the principle "first-come, first-served". In the event of oversubscription of the scheme (on one and the same day), allocation will take place through drawing lots.

Excluded from the scheme is the hiring of an innovation broker for the specific purpose of drafting (writing) a grant application or hiring for engineering activities. Also excluded are out-of-pocket expenses such as patent filing fees and travel costs, etc.

(1) The Top Sector Energy has requested a budget from RVO for this subsidy, with the planned allocation date before 15 June 2022. If the Topsector Energy has not yet received the decision from RVO by 15 June, applicants will be informed from which date the project costs can be charged later than 15 June after approval of the application. In the past, the decision date (with budget allocation) has always been met.


For whom?

The subsidy contribution is available for innovative SMEs that are active in the domain of TKI Wind op Zee, TKI Urban Energy, TKI Nieuw Gas or TKI Energie & Industrie.


With whom?

Topsector Energie has compiled an overview of potential innovation brokers for you. This list is meant for inspiration. You are not obliged to make use of these innovation brokers, however, you can also propose your own innovation broker.


Innovatiemakelaars (voorbeelden)


Business coaching,

value proposition development,

business strategy,

business plan



Frank & the Backs



UD Ventures


Govert van de Visch

Johan Nijboer

Egbert Ottevanger

Dwayne van der Klugt

Boukje Vastbinder  

Hans Roeland Poolman

Peter Westerhuijs


Intellectual Property,

patent advice,

knowledge protection,

knowledge exploitation


Arnold & Siedsma



Brigitte Geurts

Laurens Brocken

Marnix Geraerts


Financing, investor readiness, deal closing



Frank & the Backs

Investor Ready



Rebel Group

Unknown Group


Govert van de Visch

Johan Nijboer

Egbert Ottevanger

Robert Vermeer

Dwayne van der Klugt

Marnix Geraerts

Jan Coen van Elburg

Remco Temmink


Formation of consortium, project development


Evers + Manders subsidieadviseurs



Gijs Tempelman

Jan van Miltenburg

Marco Gomis




The administrative application process will be managed by the Topsector Energie. Do you have any questions about the scheme? Please contact Martin Weissmann of the Financing Desk.

The involved TKI (TKI Wind op Zee, TKI Urban Energy, TKI Nieuw Gas or TKI Energie & Industrie) provides an initial estimate of whether you are eligible for this scheme. You can download the application form here (in Dutch) and send it to Martin Weissmann. To clarify the form, you will find an explanation of the application form here (in Dutch), which also contains all the detailed preconditions that apply to the application. After completing the work, you must submit a final report. You can request Martin Weissmann for a template for the final report form.