Energy Investor Day

Some types of innovative energy startups and scale-ups have to rely on attracting risk capital to finance the company because of the rapid growth they are experiencing or because the go-to-market time frame is long with relatively high development costs. To facilitate this specific group of start-ups, and their funding needs, the Financing Desk (Financieringsloket) is organizing regularly "Energy Investor Day" together with Innovation and under the direction of KplusV.

Energy Investor Day is a matchmaking event, where a maximum of six innovative startups and scale-ups can present their capital need to 20 to 30 investors. The companies are typically early-stage or early-growth and are looking for a capital injection of € 100.000 up to € 2 million.

The investors at the event are coming from early-stage Venture Capital firms, active Business Angels, Family Offices, and regional & national investment agencies. For the investors, it is a good opportunity to see and meet in a short period several ambitious companies who are in the market for fundraising at the moment.

The companies can apply for participation but they have to pass a selection phase that consists of sending an pitch deck of the investment proposition and two screening interviews. Among other things, they are assessed to what extent the financing strategy fits the life phase of the company. If companies are selected they will receive intensive guidance and feedback on their pitches beforehand. The process is managed by an experienced consultancy firm that will select based on the “investment readiness” of the proposition for this specific group of investors.

The next Investor Day will take place on 29 September 2022

Are you interested? Startups and scale-ups can register here before the 9th of September. (in Dutch)

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An impression of the Energy Investor Day March 22nd.