Human Capital Agenda

The energy transition is a force for job creation and requires new skills. The National Energy Agreement (NEA) stimulates a sizeable increase in employability: 15.000 net jobs created in 2020. The Topsector Energy expects new competences to be needed on a grand scale and therefore promotes better schooling.

The energy transition offers many job opportunities for professionals on mbo-, hbo- and wo-levels. Labour market research shows that sustainable energy creates jobs. The careful estimates of the number of direct and indirect jobs to be created through the implementation of the measures as set in the National Energy Agreement might amount to 100.000 jobs in 2020.

Energy Innovation NL heavily focuses on education, because the contents of the jobs are shifting and require alternative, additional and/or higher-level skills. Better quality, equality and accessibility of education is what Energy Innovation NL promotes and stimulates through the Human Capital Agenda (HCA). In this way more people will be able to follow the appropriate education.

The Human Capital Agenda is first and foremost a network concept. She functions from a promoting, accelerating and facilitating role together with all relevant stakeholders and other topsectors. Energy Innovation NL aims for the increased and better schooling of young people and the employed as a leverage for the energy transition.