Broadened HER + subsidy open from 1 September for cost-effective CO2 reduction

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From 1 September, the Renewable Energy (HER) subsidy module will change into the broader Renewable Energy Transition (HER +). Various types of projects that lead to cost-effective CO2 reduction may be eligible for the HER +.

Compared to the original HER, the new HER + supports a wider range of projects than exclusively cost reduction of renewable energy. With that, the HER + follows the announced broadening of the SDE + to SDE ++. Both HER + and SDE ++ can support projects that target cost reduction of the use of residual heat, electric boilers and heat pumps, hydrogen through electrolysis and CO2 capture and storage.

HER + is not just about the techniques mentioned in the SDE ++. Projects that make the production of offshore wind energy cheaper are also eligible. The same applies to projects that combine renewable energy generation and storage.
For offshore wind energy, the HER + offers subsidy for the theme "Cost reduction and optimization”. These projects must aim to reduce the costs for offshore wind energy production in the Netherlands latest in 2030. The HER+ targets innovations at TRL 6 to TRL 8 projects, but projects at TRL 4 or TRL 5 may also apply for the subsidy, provided that they deliver the intended cost reduction in 2030.
The HER + is open from 1 September 2020 to 31 March 2021, 5 p.m. The total subsidy budget is € 30 million.
For more information please refer to RVO Topsector Energie subsidies.