The Consortium Flywheel for The MOOI Scheme by TKI Wind op Zee (TKI Offshore Wind)

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Digitaal Offshore Windpark - MOOI-regeling 2022

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On 1 April, the MOOI scheme will open with which consortia can receive a subsidy for Mission-driven Research, Development and Innovation for the energy transition. €21 million is available for the subject of energy. TKI Wind op Zee organizes the Consortium Flywheel to quickly connect the right parties. The theme is Digital Offshore Wind Farms. Do you have an idea that fits under this theme, that matches the MOOI conditions, but does not yet have a consortium? Read on to find out how our Flywheel Consortium can help you.

What is our ambition?

We want to arrive at a consortium that can prepare an excellent submission for the MOOI scheme. We do this under the theme of Digital Offshore Wind Farms. The submission must contribute to the objectives of the MOOI scheme, namely that it leads to an innovation that works in 2032 and contributes to the energy transition.

The requirements of the MOOI scheme can be found on this RVO website (in Dutch). 

The TKI Wind op Zee facilitates the process with K+V to arrive at a consortium. We will not become part of the consortium ourselves, but will use our knowledge and network to help innovations progress.

In 5 steps to a consortium

Under the leadership of K+V, we organize a number of sessions in which we bring ideas and parties together. Step by step, but quickly, we come to a combination of the best forces for an idea. It can lead to a consortium or to several. The MOOI scheme requires that a consortium consists of at least three parties.

The TKI WoZ wants to facilitate the establishment of a strong consortium that registers for the MOOI scheme, via the following 5 steps:

  • Any party that adheres to the ambitions set out in Chapter 2 and can meet the frameworks of the MOOI scheme can make its Vision, Approach and Skills (VAK) known to these ambitions. This is a maximum of 2 A4 pages long (normal font).
  • During the matchmaking meeting on March 16, 2022, the parties can make this VAK known to each other, and discuss the possibilities of forming a consortium.
  • Parties that have found each other during the matchmaking, then jointly give their Vision Approach and Skills for the ambitions.
  • TKI then selects one consortium to concretize the ambitions and collaboration in an ambition session.
  • It is then up to the parties/consortia themselves to submit a (pre-)registration for the MOOI scheme. That proposal can be submitted between 1 and 19 April.

Fully developed solutions and/or product proposals will not be requested. The solutions are only jointly developed and elaborated by the consortium after selection. The Vision, Approach and Skills of the various selected parties form the starting point for this elaboration.

What are you bringing in?

We are asking for ideas that help the energy transition further under the theme of Digital Offshore Wind Farms. That is still very broad at the start of this process. From robotics in maintenance to ecology monitoring. From digital twins to anomaly detection.

You share in a maximum of 2 A4 pages what your vision is on digital offshore wind farms, which approach you have in mind and which expertise (skill) you bring.

You can send your document to Submit your proposal no later than March 7, 2022.

If you have any questions, ask them via the email address above.

Read our full approach and ambition in this document.