MOOI 2022: € 66 million available for mission-oriented innovations

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A new round of the Mission-oriented Research, Development and Innovation (MOOI) scheme has been announced. Starting April 1st 2022, partnerships can pre-register their project. A total amount of €66.4 million in subsidy is available for innovations in the field of electricity, built environment and industry.

The MOOI scheme encourages innovative solutions aimed at the Dutch climate goals and national CO2 emission-reduction. The MOOI supports research and development projects within the 3 themes mentioned above.

Good solutions through powerful collaboration

There is no 'golden' solution that can solve the entire climate and energy transition by itself. It is from the collaboration between various parties and disciplines that the necessary mission-oriented solutions arise. De MOOI therefore only encourages solutions in which a consortium combines the force of various parties, perspectives, and stakeholders. This collaboration strengthens the successful development and implementation of the innovation.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

The projects focus on collaboration within and between chains, sectors, and disciplines. Technical, social, organizational and legal perspectives come together in a multidisciplinary partnership. This combination of perspectives increases the chance of successful application of the innovations. Project proposals by strong multidisciplinary partnerships will therefore receive a higher ranking.

Quick implementation

The MOOI projects will lead to innovative solutions. These solutions must be applied within the near-foreseeable future in order to contribute to the Dutch climate goals. For innovations in electricity and industry, the first application must be completed within 10 years. For innovations for the built environment, the term is 5 years.

Electricity, built environment, and industry

Applicants apply for one of the innovation themes covered by the missions:

  • The electricity mission (€21 million in subsidy) concerns offshore wind energy, floating solar parks at sea, electricity production on land or inland waterways, and electricity production on large roofs and infrastructure.
  • For the built environment mission (€24.4 million in subsidy), the innovation themes are regret-free renovations and sustainable collective heating facilities.
  • For the mission industry (€21 million in subsidy), the following innovation themes are key: process innovations through electrification of high-temperature heat supply, and production of sustainable and circular bulk and platform chemicals.

Important factors

Within the MOOI 2022 scheme, development paths for most innovation themes are described. Applicants can base their innovations on those. The projects that fit well in these directions will receive a higher score, for these are aspects that partly determine the integrality and applicability of the solutions. It is important to also take into account social factors, such as societal support or the availability of specialized personnel. But, also the affordability of the solution can be considered, or the influence of the solutions on the stability of the energy system.

Mandatory pre-registration

In order to be eligible for this subsidy, partnerships must submit a pre-proposal. This is possible starting from April 1st to April 19th2022. This pre-registration is mandatory. In June, appointed advisory committees will review and give their advice on the pre-proposals. After that, the partnerships have until September 6th 2022, to submit their final application. The advisory committee will assess all complete applications. Projects that meet all criteria are eligible for a subsidy. Based on a number of ranking criteria, the projects will be ranked and the subsidy will be granted in this order, for as long as there is a budget available.

Advice and information

Do you have a relevant innovation, but are you looking for partners? Are you looking to join an existing consortium? Or could your consortium use additional partners? The Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs) of the Topsector Energy and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) can help you with this. For more information about the MOOI scheme, please contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). RVO implements the scheme on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

Find out more

Via you will find the most up to date information about the MOOI scheme. The information is currently being updated and added upon.