Save the date: Masterclass Finance autumn 2021

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Successful Masterclass Finance for innovative energy entrepreneurs repeated: During the Financing Masterclass, the Financing Desk of the Top Sector Energy provides more insight into financing opportunities for innovative energy entrepreneurs.

Every company needs financing to grow. The various forms of financing all have their own conditions, advantages and disadvantages. As an entrepreneur in the energy sector, how do you find the type of financing that suits your business? To gain more insight into this, the Financing Desk of the Top Sector Energy organises another Masterclass Finance. During this Masterclass, experts share their experiences and give participants an up-to-date overview of public and private financial instruments.

The Masterclass will take place on 7 October from 14:00 to 16:30 hours.

The programme includes speakers from the world of regional development agencies, banks, venture capital, subsidy providers, crowdfunding and business angels. They will give a realistic picture of the financing possibilities and which innovations are particularly promising.
Who is it for?

Are you a start-up, a small or medium-sized company in the energy sector? And are you looking for the financing instrument that best suits your company? Then come to the next edition of the Masterclass Finance on Thursday 7 October.

Want to know more? Find the programme here.