Socially Responsible Innovation

To realize the energy transition innovation is needed that transcends the traditional institutional boundaries, laws, markets and technologies. This also requires to surpass the current way of thinking and acting. Solely focussing on technological energy innovations aimed at saving, producing, storing and transporting energy will not suffice.

The energy system needs to remain affordable, reliable and functioning, whilst undergoing major changes. Transitioning from a centralistic system to a decentralized system. The challenge this transition poses is akin to redesigning the plane you are on mid-flight. It will be unknown whom will get what responsibilities, which skills are going to be needed and who will play which role. This process demands the continuous ceding of convictions, refocussing and experimenting with what is needed to realise innovations.

The changes in society will be just as profound. A far-reaching decentralized sustainable energy system is technologically feasible, but also requires the conscious redistribution of costs and benefits and the generation of new responsibilities. Also the development and adoption of new skills is of great importance to all parties involved. The Topsector Energy recognises these facts and has therefore established the Socially Responsible Innovation program.