TKI New Gas

Agenda of innovative applications of gas

  • Green gas from biomass
  • Sustainable synthesis gas for industry
  • Production of sustainable gasses from electricity, such as hydrogen
  • Capture, Utilisation and Storage of CO2
  • Liquid Gas (LNG) for heavy haulage and shipping


  • Sustainable and climate-neutral gas
    The production of sustainable gasses through fermentation and gasification, the production of sustainable hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS). CO2 is trapped, reused if possible and otherwise stored.
  • Sustainable gas in specific sectors
    The application of gas in sectors where alternatives are scarce of non-existent. As is the case with (bio-)LNG in the shipping industry and with the use of sustainable synthesis gas for the production of high temperature heat in the industry.
  • Reuse of gas infrastructure
    The aim of using existing gas infrastructure, including services and products, for new functions in the energy transition. Research is underway in regard to various topics such as: reuse of platforms and piping in the North Sea for offshore wind, use of existing infrastructure for green gas and hydrogen and the use of empty gas fields for CO2-storage.
  • System integration
    Cross-overs between gas and electricity towards new applications, such as: CO2-supply for the horticulture, back-up and peak power in addition to sustainable heat (geothermal heat) and the integration of gas facilities with offshore wind.


TKI Gas works together with over 350 collaboration partners. Additionally TKI Gas maintains an intensive collaboration with Groen Gas Nederland, the Nationaal LNG Platform, the CATO-consortium (CCUS) and the Nationaal Waterstof Platform. TKI Gas also collaborates closely with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and various ministries such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs.