R&D Projects TKI Wind op Zee

Various projects and Joint Industry Projects (JIP's) are being executed within the TKI Wind op Zee programme. 

Project Innovation Topic Short Description 
Acces System Utilization Tool Operation and Maintenance

Combines walkway limitation with ship movements for an optimal workability. Continue reading  

Assessing the turbulent content of wind using spinner anemometry (WIIP) Wind Turbines and Wind Farms The aim of the project is to develop technology to evaluate the performance of wind turbines during their operational life. The method is based on better understanding of the turbulent wind field at the turbine’s rotors in operating wind farms using spinner anemometry. Continue reading
Blue Piling Technology Transport, Installation and Logistics

Silent and cost-effective piling technology for foundations. Continue reading

C-Tower Support Structures

Developing composites for offshore wind turbines. Continue reading

ColibriTM Operation and Maintenance

The ColibriTM is a crane movement compensation system, through which the crane load is not affected by vessel movements like rolling and pitching. Continue reading

Design for Reliable Power Performance (D4REL) Operation and Maintenance

The project aims at reducing operational uncertainty for wind farms. The safety factors used in the design process are being reassessed and innovations are being developed for more reliable design and operation of offshore wind turbines. Continue reading

DAISY4OFFSHORE Operation and Maintenance

Smart monitoring: integral control, brand-independent, predictable performance, maintenance, lifetime and profit of the wind farm. Continue reading

DSSI Support Structures

Efficient design of support structures through improved modelling of dynamic soil-structure interaction. Continue reading

Enhanced lidar wind field reconstruction (ELFiRe) (WIIP) Wind Turbines and Wind Farms | Operation and Maintenance This project aims to improve significantly the accuracy of wind fields reconstructed from raw Lidar, by applying one of the most powerful modern machine learning techniques: Gaussian Processes. Continue reading

Support Structures | Transport, Installation and Logistics | Operation and Maintenance

EUROS aims at reducing design, construction and logistic uncertainties. Continue reading

Exploratory Research and LCoE of Airborne Offshore Wind Farm

Wind turbines and Wind Farms Investigating the offshore applicability of a tethered autonomous airplane for converting high-altitude wind into electricity. Continue reading
FeLoSeFI Support Structures

New models for fatigue life prediction of offshore wind constructions and optimizing inspection intervals, leading to reduced operation and maintenance costs. Continue reading

GBS JIP Transport, Installation and Logistics

A Joint Industry Project for optimising the workability and reducing the cost of Gravity Based Structure (GBS) installations for wind turbines foundations.  Continue reading

HaSPro JIP (Handbook Scour protection methods)

Support Structures This Joint Industry Project aims at developing a design framework for a wide range of soil protection methods for foundations and cables. Continue reading
HYLLER Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

Wind turbines in wind farms deal with wake effects. Consequently the wind turbines that are located downwind catch less energy. This depends on the wind conditions and the location of the turbine. The AEP can be increased if a wind farm is equipped with rotor blades of different diameters. Continue reading

InnoTip Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

Developing and testing three innovative blade tips, specifically for offshore wind turbines.  Continue reading


Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

Reduced costs and increased profit of wind energy by detailed wind measurements. Continue reading

MIMIC Operation and Maintenance

Improved integral lifetime prediction method. Continue reading

MONITOR Support Structures

Smart method for monitoring offshore wind foundations. Continue reading

Pile Installation Optimization Tool (WIIP) Transport, Installation and Logistics The aim of the PILOT WIIP is to study the requirements and functionality of the Pile Installation Optimization (PILOT) Tool. Continue reading

Offshore Maintenance JIP

Operation and Maintenance Select the most effective logistic scenario for each maintenance operation. Continue reading
Offshore Wind Turbine Blade Damage and corrosion Detection with Remote camera systems (BLADDER) (WIIP) Operation and Maintenance The objective of the project is to execute (preparatory) industrial research for combining motion compensated camera systems mounted on maintenance vessels and image processing of characterized damages for improved (predictive) maintenance, reduction in downtime and risks for the inspection crew. Continue reading
SIMON JIP Transport, Installation and Logistics

The Joint Industry Project SIMON focusses on Simulation of Installation of Monopiles Continue reading

Structurele verbindingen in windturbines (WIIP)

Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

Literature review of recent developments in and modelling of monopile-transition piece connections. Continue reading
Synergies at sea (SAS)

Internal Electrical Network and Connection to the High-Voltage Network

A combined infrastructure for offshore wind and grid interconnection. Continue reading
WiFi JIP Support Structures

Improve the understanding of the impact of steep and breaking waves on offshore wind turbines. Continue reading

Wind Turbine Maintenance & Operation decision Support (WiMOS)

Operation and Maintenance 

Developing a decision support system for offshore wind turbine maintenance, that takes into account all occurring uncertainties. Continue reading

Zbridge Operation and Maintenance

Innovative gangway for offshore wind turbines. Continue reading