TKI supplement scheme

TKI Urban Energy applies for grant resources named the ‘TKI supplement’ for ongoing projects (‘basis’). Parties, and knowledge institutions in particular, report these projects to TKI. TKI then uses this as a basis to apply for grant resources to subsidize new projects set up by these parties (‘use’). This means the parties generate their own budget for the TKI supplement scheme for ongoing projects.

The TKI supplement can be generated by projects that private parties invest in with cash and/or in-kind contributions for research and development together with knowledge institutions.

Projects with or without a grant from national, regional, or EU subsidies can all be reported, as long as they include private contributions to knowledge institutions. In-kind contributions count up to a maximum of €20,000 per business per year. The TKI receives approximately 25% subsidy from the approved private ‘basis’, the ‘TKI supplement’, which the TKI Urban Energy can then reinvest in new projects.

How are we going to use the generated TKI supplement?

We use the supplement in two ways: parties that generate more than €250,000 basis in a programme line fall into the ‘above threshold’ category. They receive an invitation from TKI to submit project proposal(s) for the generated supplement, taking the TKI’s own costs for these projects into account. (These costs are established in advance and amount to 5-10% of the grant.)

Parties that have generated less basis, but which have brought in at least €10,000 in supplements, share the ‘below threshold’ collective budget generated for this. They also receive an invitation to submit project proposal(s), to then compete with others that have contributed to the relevant collective budget.