Innovation Brokers

Please note: The budget of the Innovation Broker Scheme of January 24, 2022 has been completely exhausted.

Probably later this year, in a new funding round, Topsector Energy, will once again make subsidy available to SME entrepreneurs, that contribute to the transition to an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system, in order to assist them in hiring an Innovation Broker. The fee of the Innovation Broker can be reimbursed for 80%, to a maximum of 10,000 euros incl. VAT.

Startup and scale-up entrepreneurs are often leaders in innovation. However, they regularly face many challenges, especially if they are less familiar with the market, have no previous entrepreneurial experience or because they have limited financial resources. For SME entrepreneurs, an 'innovation broker' can offer you:

  • guidance and coaching in developing a business plan, business strategy and value proposition,
  • patent advice, assistance with patent applications or knowledge exploitation,
  • guidance in becoming 'investor ready', looking for financing and deal closing,
  • support to find and set up consortia and project formation with other companies and/or knowledge institutions.

Please, find more information about the Innovation Brokers scheme on this webpage.