TKI Wind op Zee has a close collaboration with several cooperation partners and knowledge institutions in offshore wind. Furthermore, over 140 organisations are a participant of the TKI Wind op Zee. Several companies and organisations preceded you. We are looking forward to welcoming you, as a partner of the TKI Wind op Zee.

Please have a look at the member's list who have paved the way for you.


Become a participant of the TKI Wind op Zee

By participating in the TKI Wind op Zee you enable the TKI Wind op Zee to stimulate offshore wind innovations, influence subsidy regulations, contribute to the strengthening of the Dutch offshore wind industry, and to identify bottlenecks and research realistic and cost-effective solutions.

What is in it for you?

You will get:

  • free access to a number of events organised by the TKI Wind op Zee (up to five participants per organisation/company).
  • information about the TKI Wind op Zee innovation and subsidy programmes.
  • updates on the progress and research results of various projects.
  • the opportunity to participate in the Participants’ Council (our advisory panel).
  • impact on the activities and programming of the TKI Wind op Zee.

Participants Contract

Would you like to actively contribute to the development of offshore wind energy? This can be strengthened by signing the TKI Wind op Zee Participants Contract.

The associated terms and conditions of the Participants Contract can be found here. Please read these carefully in advance. Note: Only organisations may register, this cannot be done at an individual level.

Feel free to download the Participants Contract here. You can send the signed pdf file to @email. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a confirmation, including an invoice per email.


The costs of participation are € 250,- per company or organisation per year (excluding VAT). SME companies can make use of a reduced rate, namely € 50,- per year (excluding VAT). For TKI Wind op Zee purposes, SME companies refer to small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 250 employees.

When a participant is awarded a subsidy for a project that was submitted through the TKI Wind op Zee tenders, a maximum of 5% of the subsidy will be deducted by TKI Wind op Zee. From the tenders of 2018 onwards, this percentage has been lowered to 4% for large companies and 3% for SME, capped at €750k. For the tenders of 2019 onwards, this percentage has been lowered to 3% for large companies and 2.5% for SME, capped at €750k.