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Here you find an overview of various publications that have been published recently (in cooperation with) the TKI Wind op Zee. 

Furthermore you can download several presentations - that have been given at events (co-)organised by TKI Wind op Zee. Or have a look at relevant footage and several links to interesting organisations and relevant information.

Cyber Security

Report: Research recommendations Cyber Security for Offshore Wind Energy (2019)

Human Capital

Report: Post 2030 offshore wind employment in the Netherlands (2020)

Report: Economische effecten ruimtelijke toekomstscenario’s voor de Noordzee (in Dutch 2019)

Report: Employment analysis (2019-2023) of various fields of activities in the Dutch offshore wind sector (2019)

Cost price and reduction

Report: Reduction of offshore wind electricity prices and increasing CO2 price give a decisive push to electrification in the industry in 2030-2040 (2021)

Report: Pathways to potential cost reductions for offshore wind energy (2021)

Long-term developments

Analysis: Analysis of generation profiles for multi-use offshore wind farms (2022)

Report: Challenges and potential for offshore solar (2022)

Report: Lifetime Extension and Optimal Lifecycle Offshore Wind Turbines (2022)

Report: Optimal offshore wind turbine size and standardisation (2022)

Report: Risk mitigation Multi-use offshore wind farms (2021)

Report: Offshore renewable energy: threats and opportunities in the post-2030 Netherlands (2021)

Report: Valorisation perspectives for offshore wind energy innovation projects (2021) 

Report: The Netherlands' Long-Term Offshore Wind R&D Agenda (2019)



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Report: Geschiktheid zeewindparken voor maricultuur en passieve visserij (in Dutch, 2019)


Report: Estimate shipping barriers large scale rollout offshore wind energy (2019)

Rapport: Wind op zee 2030 Gevolgen voor scheepvaartveiligheid en mogelijke mitigerende maatregelen (in Dutch, 2019)

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