French regulation could facilitate cooperation with French companies

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TKI Wind op Zee

In France, the regulation called the CIR gives tax credits to French companies that carry out research and R&D. Under certain conditions, organisations can benefit from the CIR by deducting these expenses from their taxes. Companies that pay taxes in France, from all sectors, including the offshore wind sector, can benefit from this regulation and can get 30% of these research costs back.

The interesting part for foreign organisations is that this money for research and R&D can be outsourced to non-French companies. These organisations however need to have an “agrément” or official approval from the French government. This approval removes a barrier to collaborating with French companies on research and R&D activities because the costs of the French company can be reduced by 30%.

This approval as a supplier of R&D projects can be requested by companies within the European Union, and therefore also by Dutch companies and organisations. At the moment, there are already various companies in the offshore wind sector that benefit from this approval and to which French companies outsource their R&D projects. These companies currently have a financial advantage with their clients.

Are you interested in working in France? Request this approval from the French government so your organisation can benefit from this regulation.

For questions and help regarding this subject, feel free to contact Maret Reinders (Director of Netherlands Business Support Office Nantes/ NL).