Our vision, mission, and strategy


By 2050, the urban environment will be supplied by sustainable energy sources, with Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions providing essential building blocks for this. The objectives set in the National Energy Agreement (Nationaal Energieakkoord) will be achieved by 2023 as an initial step towards this. TKI Urban Energy is a recognized point of reference that guides the innovation process required for this transition. This includes the sustainable generation of energy, efficient energy-consumption and energy-saving, transportation of electricity, gas, thermal energy (heating and cooling), and the use of data and its integration in the urban environment and infrastructure. Technological and socio-economic innovations are combined to produce an attractive energy system that functions well.


TKI Urban Energy stimulates, connects, and supports Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions in the development and application of innovations for a fast transition to a sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy system in the urban environment and infrastructure. We hereby strengthen these businesses’ international competitive position, and the knowledge position of research organizations, to increase income for the Dutch economy.


  1. Setting the agenda and programming
    TKI Urban Energy uses this Vision as a basis to formulate the ambitious and coherent knowledge and innovation agenda in close consultation with businesses, knowledge institutions, social organizations, and governments. This ensures that we create a good connection with international – particularly European and IEA – agendas. This TKI agenda reflects the strengths, ambitions, and opportunities for businesses on one hand, and the possibilities that science and technology offers through knowledge institutions on the other. The agenda also ties in optimally with the requirements created by the changing energy system and related requirements and desires from society.
  2. Stimulate and supervise
    TKI Urban Energy stimulates businesses, knowledge institutions, social organizations, and governments to work together on energy innovations. We also promote international collaboration where this offers added value. Optimal short and long-term programming, to support and supervise the establishment and implementation of projects, enables us to guide the innovation process and strengthen the competitive position of Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions.
  3. Knowledge-sharing and valorization
    To maximize the impact of the innovation programme, TKI Urban Energy ensures that the publicly available project results are widely shared with interested parties outside the project consortia. We also make available the relevant knowledge and information from other national and international programmes and organizations. We promote the use of our own project results for this, as well as making optimal use of results and insights gained elsewhere.