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The system role of hydrogen involves its function as a flexible storage and transport medium for the variable supply of electricity generated from renewable energy sources, particularly wind and solar. Additionally, hydrogen can serve as an intermediary between the electricity sector and the various sectors' demand for green molecules. This expands the possibilities for utilizing and deploying wind and solar energy, positioning hydrogen alongside other decarbonization options such as energy efficiency, direct electrification, biomass utilization, geothermal energy, and the use of fossil fuels combined with CO2 reuse and storage.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest and activity surrounding the topic of hydrogen, evident in numerous studies, consortia, and initiatives focused on its application. These activities target specific sectors, including the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in industry, mobility and transportation, and electricity generation. It also explores its potential as a sustainable building block, such as in combination with (green) CO2 for the production of synthetic fuels, chemicals, and materials to replace petroleum-based products. While the use of hydrogen for heating in the built environment may be less common, it is not excluded and is therefore also part of the program. Furthermore, these activities extend beyond specific sectors and encompass hydrogen production, infrastructure considerations, flexibility, and various forms of storage.

The hydrogen value

chain encompasses the following components:

  • Hydrogen production: This includes the production of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen through various processes such as water electrolysis and reforming (SMR, ATR, pyrolysis of natural gas and waste gases) as well as gasification of biomass-based hydrocarbons.
  • Hydrogen storage, transport, and distribution: This involves large-scale underground storage in salt caverns and gas fields, as well as small-scale storage in tanks and cylinders, for example, at hydrogen filling stations. It also includes the transport of hydrogen through (natural gas) pipelines, ships, railways, and roadways, in the form of compressed gaseous hydrogen, liquid hydrogen, or hydrogen bound to a carrier (such as ammonia and LOHCs - Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers).
  • Applications: This pertains to the utilization of hydrogen as a fuel, primarily for the production of process heat in the industry, for electricity generation on board fuel cell electric vehicles in mobility and transportation, and for electricity production in flexible, controllable gas-fired power plants or stationary/mobile production units based on fuel cells or combustion engines. Hydrogen can also serve as a feedstock for the production of synthetic fuels and chemicals, as a reducing agent for iron ore reduction, and as an industrial gas in numerous smaller industrial applications.
Waterstof is een robuust element in de energietransitie

On June 28, 2019, the Climate Agreement was presented. The Climate Agreement recognizes the prominent role of hydrogen in the various sectors mentioned above and as a reinforcement of the 'system'. The high importance attributed to hydrogen in the Climate Agreement calls for a comprehensive programmatic approach to hydrogen, including an integrated innovation program. Due to the sectoral approach of the Climate Agreement and the Integrated Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (IKIA), there is a risk of fragmentation of innovation needs and activities within the hydrogen domain, as they may not be sufficiently aligned or fail to leverage the synergy benefits that can be achieved through joint programming. Therefore, TKI New Gas, in collaboration with many stakeholders, has developed an integrated programmatic approach.

I apologize, but as an AI language model, I don't have the capability to browse the internet or access specific documents in real-time. Therefore, I cannot directly read the innovation agenda for hydrogen. However, if you provide me with specific excerpts or information from the agenda, I would be more than happy to assist in translating or discussing them in English.

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Waterstof is een robuust element in de energietransitie

Marcel Weeda

Program Manager

E: T: (+31) 87 5154 495

Example projects

The projectendatabase provides a comprehensive overview of relevant projects in this field. Within TKI Nieuw Gas, you can search for projects related to hydrogen. Check out a detailed overview of all hydrogen projects in the Netherlands onde Waterstofkaart van TKI Nieuw Gas en MissieH2.

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