Below you will find an overview of the grants within the TKI Urban Energy working area; the energy transition within the urban environment. The TKI programme focuses on a number of integral themes in so-called ‘programme lines’. You can find detailed information about our integral programme here.

Grants for SME

SMEs, large businesses, and research organizations can participate in the majority of the grant schemes below. Click here for an overview of a number of other government schemes specifically for SMEs.

Urban Energy grant scheme

The Urban Energy grant scheme focuses on the research and development of products and services for sustainable energy-generation, energy-saving, and a flexible and reliable energy infrastructure in the urban environment. Urban Energy projects must fit within the themes from the TKI Urban Energy 2017 innovation programme.

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TKI supplement scheme

You generate the budget for the TKI supplement yourself, by reporting ongoing projects to TKI Urban Energy. Parties, and knowledge institutions in particular, can apply for this to subsidize new projects via the TKI budget.

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Renewable Energy grant scheme

The Renewable Energy grant scheme aims to use innovation to make the objective of 16% renewable energy in 2023 more cost-effective. This concerns innovative projects that lead to additional sustainable energy production by 2023 (at the latest).

Demonstration Energy Innovation (DEI) grant scheme

The DEI scheme focuses on the demonstration of energy innovations that make it easier for Dutch businesses to be able to achieve international success with products, processes, or services they have developed.

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Responsible Innovation (MVI) Scheme

The MVI Energy tender, formerly known as STEM, stimulates the development of experimental knowledge with the following aim: to increase the chance of socially acceptable and responsible energy innovations that can be achieved.

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System Integration grant scheme

The System Integration Studies grant scheme is interesting for organizations that are considering and looking to finance a viability study in the field of energy storage and conversion technology. There is a budget of €750,000 available to conduct and complete more than fifteen studies in a short space of time.

Innovation Brokerage Scheme

SMEs that need help planning and implementing innovation activities, e.g. competitive analysis or a technology assessment, looking for suitable collaboration partners, can benefit from support from an innovation broker.

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SME grant scheme for stimulating innovation in Regional and Top Sectors (MIT)

The aim of the MIT grant scheme is to stimulate innovation in midrange and small organizations across regional borders. The MIT grant scheme was started on 10 May 2016 for all instruments not including the R&D collaborative projects.

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Energy Innovation NL grant schemes

The new Top Sector Energy grant schemes that came into effect on 1 April 2017 were published on 1 February 2017. For more information about applying for a grant in one of these Top Sector Energy grant schemes, please see the TSE website.

European grant schemes

EU grant scheme Horizon 2020 and SME Instrument

A European grant for Urban Energy themes can also be applied for in the Horizon 2020 programme. The ‘SME instrument’ has been specially developed in the Horizon 2020 programme for SMEs.

KIC InnoEnergy

A grant for the use of innovations and business creation in Urban Energy themes can be applied for once every six months via the KIC InnoEnergy programme.


SOLAR-ERA.NET is a European network of national and regional innovation programmes in the field of solar energy (PV and CSP).

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